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Anonymous said:
Why are strechmarks one of your turn ons? Why do you find it attractive?


Because it’s like Braille on someone’s skin. Like tattoos, scars, beauty spots… You can feel them under your touch, it’s someone’s story, someone’s lively body and I think it’s damn cool. It always frustrates me when I make love to a girl that has no “accidents” on her skin, when it’s too perfect, everywhere. Of course it’s nice to have a perfect body, but I find it even more perfect when there are hidden treasures like that. It’s like… you’re cuddling, you’re caressing her and at some point you feel a little something under your fingers that reminds you that you’re not having sex with an empty doll but a soul trapped in a body. It’s like opening a good old book. You open them and you have the smell, the sound of your fingers on the paper, the little ink flaws, some creased pages and that’s what makes the magic of reading. It adds another dimension to your pleasure. 

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